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To reach your final destination, you need to know where you’re starting from. Doing a cheerleading Season-in-review audit is a critical step to set you on the path to success.


Now that the season has come and gone, there are a few things you need to ask yourself. Below are 6 questions that will help you uncover those things that are most critical to your success moving forward. They will identify what you should start, stop, or continue doing.

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 1. What are some great things that happened for you in cheerleading this season? Remember, you’re reflecting back on your entire season.

Ask yourself questions like:

Did I learn a new tumble pass?

Did I compete well?

Was I able to compete after lockdown?

Did I change to a new position?

Did I move up in level?

Using the FREE download, reflect on and write down 3 things that went well for you.

Reflect back on those moments you are most proud of.

2. What are some things you really enjoyed this past season in cheerleading?

Participating in cheerleading should be fun! You want to make sure you are incorporating the things you enjoyed both on and off the mat.

Ask yourself what you enjoyed most about this season.

What was the moment that made you smile the most?

When did you feel happiest?

Did you have fun, learn a lot, make new friends?

Download and fill in the box on the bottom of page 1 with your answers.

 3. What are some things that did not go to plan this past season?

It's not always enjoyable to reflect back on the bumps in the road, but these events offer valuable insight on how you should move forward.

List out 3 things that did not go so well for you on page 2 of the download.

We don't want you to dwell on these events. Instead, reflect on them so they can be used as opportunistic moments for growth.

That brings us to…

4. What are some things you learned from your mistakes?

Again, mistakes or negative events should be looked at as information. We encourage you to find the lesson learned in each situation. 

Download and write down one big lesson you learned when things didn’t go to plan.

Remember, don’t just write down this lesson and then ignore it. Use it as a guiding force for your upcoming cheer season. 

For example, if you learned that you need to let the past go in practices and competitions, you should develop the tools and habits that allow you to stay in the present moment.

5. Did you hit your goals this season?

We love this question because it gives you valuable information.

If you achieved your goals, why were you successful? What specific steps did you take to make sure you were able to meet them?

If you did not achieve your goals, why? Remember to be specific!

In order to be able to repeat the good and avoid the negative, you need to know what worked or didn't work for you!

 6. What were those habits that allowed you to be successful? Conversely, what were those habits that prevented you from being successful?

Reflect and answer the questions below.

What were the habits that helped me be successful this season?

What were the habits that didn’t help me this season?

What are some new habits I would like to make this season to become successful?

On page 4 of the download you can fill in your answers.

Next week we'll discuss setting goals for the upcoming season. In the meantime, fill out this packet while reflecting on those questions we gave you as this will form a baseline for where you’re currently at and how to get the most out of next season.

Remember, knowledge is power and awareness is always the first step to building better habits and skills in cheerleading. If you know what is working for you, then you can duplicate those things again. Likewise, if you know what is NOT working for you, you can try to eliminate those habits and behaviours.

Stay tuned for next week’s update where we’ll discuss how you can tackle your goals for the upcoming season!