Air Track Mini
Air Track Mini
Air Track Mini

Air Track Mini

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The perfect Air Track to get you started whether you're a beginner or a seasoned tumbler. This Tumble Track is versatile and can be used conveniently indoor and outdoor. It comes in 10cm thickness and can be easily packed up to take with you wherever you may tumble!

Need a bit more Air Track? The home edition has sizes up to 8 meters in length!

All Air Tracks are made to order. Please allow 2-3 weeks for your order to ship. All Air Tracks come with repair kit, and carrying bag.

*Please note, pump NOT included 

Air Track Mini is perfect for working on your jumps and standing tumbling. 

Air Track Thickness
  • .1M = 10CM
  • .2M = 20CM
Air Track Length & Width
Meters Feet
3x1 9.8x3.3
4x1 13.1x3.3
5x1 16.4x3.3
6x1 19.7x3.3
7x1 23.0x3.3
8x1 26.2x3.3
4x2 13.1x6.6
5x2 16.4x6.6
6x2 19.7x6.6
7x2 23.0x6.6
8x2 26.2x6.6
9x2 29.5x6.6
10x2 32.8x6.6
12x2 39.4x6.6
15x2 49.2x6.6